25 February 2011

home sweet home

hye dearies !
now im at my room sweet room at kulim.
reached here around 3.30 pm.
drove all the way back from kampar with my baby oranje.
oranje really needs her bath.
i will give you a bath oranje, soooon.
don't worry.

abah is not feeling well.
poor him.
keep coughing and and sometimes vomiting
if only all the sickness can be transferred, i am willing to share your pain, abah.
no, i will not share the pain with you.
i will take all the pain, so that there won't be any pain left for you.
yes abah. i would do that.
i would.

abu is getting fatter.
and more playful.
keeps biting my hand.
and he is getting darker.
he used to be grey.
yes. grey. as grey as emm.. can't think of anything grey now. sorry. but he is very grey.
i mean, he was very grey since he is getting blacker now.

mama bought a pair of new shoes.
i love the colour and the design.
brown color.
but i prefer bronze.
mama made the most delicious gulai for lunch.
ada umphh!!
it's been a while since the last time i ate mama's cooking.
been missing mama and her cooking when i was at Kampar.

adik bought me a present for my birthday.
when i walked into my room,
i noticed a box wrapped with colourful wrapping paper on my bed.
i never expected that it was from him.
asked mama, and mama did not have any idea whose present it was.
i thought it was from my cuzzie.
since she would sleep in my room if she's visiting mom and dad.
then, i asked adik, and he said that it was from him.
he gave me a shawl.
i think that was so sweet of him to remember her sis bday and give presents.
since i have stopped giving him gifts when he gets older.
thanks for the present adik,
although the color of the shawl is exactly the same like one of my dozens shawl back at kampar.
but the patterns are quite different. so i can accept it. :)

so tomorrow, plan to do something fun with adik.
before he leaves kulim.
he will be leaving on sunday.
only manage to spend time with him just for a short while.

ok, sleepy.
need my beauty sleep. nite2.

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