27 May 2013

1 kg y'all

Yesterday was a long day. Me, abah and mama attended 4 wedding ceremonies. We summed up our outing yesterday by doing some groceries at Tesco. So, I passed by a weight machine and decided to measure my weight. With mama holding all my stuffs, I stepped onto the weight machine and nervously inserting some coins. Then, it appeared. The magical numbers. My current weight is 49kg. Wow. Last time my weight was 50kg. I lose another 1 kg. So, from 54.3 kg, I've lost around 5.3kg in a few months. Of course I am happy. All my efforts have been paid off. I think, I am satisfied with my current weight. Just need to reshape my tummy. My tummy is a happy and lazy tummy. So, mommy wants to do something with you to shoo away your laziness. So, tummy, please be prepared. We will get busy starting tomorrow.

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