29 July 2013



It's getting late. The round green clock hanging on that peach coloured wall shows it's already 11.35pm. I seriously need my beauty sleep but I think I need to spill out something here. It's been a while. I have so many things to share but I don't know, not really into blogging now. So, here are a few unimportant things that I need to share.

* still in a sad mode. my beloved kitty died because of his negligence.
* I was fashionably late today. Took my own sweet time at home (Kulim) this morning.
* one of my best male friend claimed that I resemble Nad Zainal. He had said this once, but I guess he has forgotten all about it and repeat it like he never said it before. Haha. It made my day because I used to have a crush on him and still do (13%) .
* missing my little brother who is currently working in P.Gudang, Johor. The furthest place that I've ever been. 12 hours journey from my hometown. Can you imagine that?
* my heart needs to be fixed.
* financially okay (this month (bonus)). Alhamdulillah.
* frustrated at someone.
* thinking twice about my MA application.
* another my best male friend has cancelled his plans to come back to Taiping. He has been away for like a few months because of his work. Have to wait another 2 months for him to come back. Missing your silly jokes.
* my phone is pissing me off. SAMSUNG you can go die.
* lost about 8 kilograms. from 54kg to 46 kg. so, all my hard work are paid off.

That's all I guess, See you in my next entry. Daa~

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