19 May 2011

this is quite sad

there are like two or three weeks left before i leave Ipoh.
this is sad. seriously.
sad to leave my dearest friends. :(
sad to leave this daily routine that i am used to for one year.
on weekdays, get up early in the morn, getting ready for class.
go to class 10 minutes late, plus being chased by the guard for taking lecturers parking spot.
eating lunch with dearest housemates and classmates.
on weekend, go back to my hometown, coming back on Sunday excited to meet housemates although we've just been apart for two days.

watching movies with buddies.
laugh hysterically at our own stupid jokes.
going to Giant Tambun to buy necessary and sometimes (always actually) unnecessary things.
going to rm1 shop to buy rm1 stuff.
gossiping about the neighbour next door.
shopping madly at Jusco and Ipoh Parade.
sight seeing at Gerbang Malam.
yes. i would miss all this once i leave Ipoh.

and i would be missing YOU too..

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