01 May 2011

the stalker strikes again

ok, this might be the dozenth time i'm talking about this bloody stalker.
well, she comes back to haunt me.
so, let's haunt her back.

this time, i decided to join her.
you know, in this game created by herself.
and i really hope that she looses tragically.
yeah, that's what i hope.

previously, i had never interested with her game.
i had always decided to quit before finishing the game.
because i felt that this game is just a waste of time.
and i have a lot more better things to do.

but this time is different.
because, i am quite surprised by her desire.
the desire to stalk me. haha.
so you want to play the game so much?
it's on, baby !!

despite of my admiration of her desire,
i have to admit that, i'm still curious about her seriousness ?
if you are serious to play this game with me,
why don't you come up and face me in reality.
only losers compete in the virtual world.
stop using facebook as your medium and start collecting your confidence that are broken into pieces (i guess) and face me.
in reality ok.

or if you are that chicken to meet me in reality.
you don't have too.
you can just reveal the real you (although i have known the real you better that you know yourself)
no need to be imposer.
pretending to be some one else.
pretending to be so interested to know me.
just cut the crap lah.
don't you feel ashamed of yourself?
trying so hard play around with me thinking that i have been fooled by you.
where the reality is, you are fooling yourself.
do you think that i am as stupid as you?
or worse, do you think you are smarter that me?

so, dear miss stalker.
let's play the game.
let's see who's the smarter one.

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