06 February 2012

Nothing much.

Helo guys. How have you been? I still can't access my Nuffnang account and i don't know why. I don't like this. And, to make it even 'better' I forgot the password for the email that i am using to log into my account. Ya lah kan, when we forgot our password, they will send a notification or new password to the email that we use.  This is what I get for using two different emails. Hm.

Now, i am really worried. Worried about something that I can't tell. My problem is, I don't tell friends or anyone if I am currently having a problem or if I am upset upon something. I prefer to keep it to myself and act normal. I don't know. I just don't want to give any burden to them with my problems, and I afraid that, they have to listen to my lame problem while they have a lot of better things to do. But, if I told a friend about my problem, means that i really trust him/her and I know that he/she is my closest friend. For YOU out there, i tell my problems to you because I know, you would listen and I always feel really good after telling everything to you. Thank you.

That's all I guess. Bye. Assalammualaikum.


MizahHazeL said...

y babeh?i`m here 4 u.

MizahHazeL said...

y babeh?i`m here 4 u.

Always Me! said...

Wanieyy i saw ur comment kt my blog tru my email tp bila ak buka blog comment tu x appear pulak. Hehe waniey aku masih menunggu. My baby is not here yet! Tp ak mmg makin gemuk perut ak bulat kalah ibu mengandung! Tringin nk sembang ngan ampa! One fine day bebeh! :) take care!

miss E said...

hey babe. what's wrong? be strong n everything will b just fine :)

saadah saadun said...

i want u to know, if u need me, i am always here. i am always with you.