24 September 2011


I am getting better. Thanks to those who care dear masjue, teacher koko and pinad. It feels so good to know that someone cares about you. :) Just wanted to say that i hate Facebook new changes. Suck BIG TIME. Facebook ain't need no changes, dear Mark. This ridiculous changes have definitely killed my interest in FB. Seriously Mark, you are losing one loyal customer here, dude. My privacy is being intruded, the top stories that are seriously annoy me and a whole lot more. Facebook does not need any changes no more but blogspot does. It would be great if Blogspot create this setting where we can set our entries (certain entries) to private where only people that we choose can access it. You know,  sometimes i just want my entries (a few) to be read only by certain people. If only, kann?

So, with the new interface of stalkbook, i am more than happy to see my friends' updates and photos rather than updating mine. :) I might update my account once in a while.


Miss Masjue said...

alhamdulillah..rindu kat akak..jgn lupe update yew..pasal fb,masjue pon sokong..fb dah tak seronok dulu.huhu

Teacher Koko said...

hohhh no sweat la wani...glad to hear hang da sehat..wehhhh aku pon xsuka new interface fesbuk tuh....suma hak kita duk komen, like, tag, ngumpat suma dok update...mencikkkkk

miss E said...

wani... huhu punyala kite berbls msg aritu. ang punya dok gosip sakan tp sket pon ta btau ang ta sehat. apalaa.... btw its gud to hear u getting better. n yes, my hatred towards the new fb makes me feel like deactivating my acc. -.-