18 November 2011

School holidays!!

Hye. How have you peeps been? Haven't updated this blog for the past five days. I've been busy, you know. Yes, i have been seriously busy (but still can spare some extra time updating status in FB. boooo!). Believe it or not, i have been and still receiving tons of work since the first day i registered at the school. I have learnt a lot of new stuffs for the past 3-4 weeks. Since the first day i stepped into the staffroom, there were like stacks of files to be updated, exam papers to be marked, oral reading to be done and updated, KSSR grade and date to be keyed in, keying in data's online and a lot more. That is not including the matters regarding my salary, medical check up, surat akuan sumpah, KWSP and many more. Alhamdulillah, i have managed to settled it before the school holiday starts (which is tommorrow). It is no surprise for me when i still got stuff to do during school holidays including coming back to school because i will be on duty on the 3rd week of school holiday and for tuition class too. But i's okey. I can do this. InsyaAllah.

I heard kids are complaining that I am too strict and garang towards them. Hihi. What to do? I can't tolerate with kids who keep forgetting to bring their books, pencils,being disrespect towards me (but this rarely happened) and not paying attention when I am teaching. I don't like to scream when scolding. I prefer using a low tone but with deadly words. Hahaha. But, I am not scolding them all the time lah. If they are well behaved, then I would be happy and i would crack some jokes to cheer them up. Being garang all the time is not good. Kids would hate you. They are behaving well because they are afraid of you, not because they respect you. I don't want that. I want them to respect me. And if i want them to respect me, i have to respect them as well, although they are still kids. :)

Okey, thats all for now. I am damn sleepy and i want to take my nap. Daa. Assalammualaikum.


Chegu said...

Slamat bercuti teacher

saadah saadun said...

teacher waniey, selamat bercuti. selamat merehatkan minda. hugs. xoxo