21 November 2011

What I Would Like to Do Before I Die.

There are a few things that i would like to do before I die. It's not that I'm now suffering from a disease or what. It's just that, I have dreams to be accomplished in my life. Me myself is not very sure whether i can ever make all my dreams come true. But, I don't think it's wrong to plan. Ain't it? Because, just thinking about it, would make me smile. :)

1. I want to give something precious to Abah, Mama and Adik. You know, give something that they are dying for. I don't care how much would it cost me, but i will save money to buy something for them. Seeing them happy would make me happy too. I rarely give them something using my money that I've earned. And now that I 'm finally working, I hope that I can make this possible.

2. I want to help abandoned animals. I don't mind donating some money to animal shelter out there. I love animals.

3. I want to build my own zoo. Sounds crazy, huh? Haha. I love animals including wild animals.

4. I want to learn playing instruments. What I want to learn the most is playing piano. 

5. I want to buy a car (although I already have one). My dream car. Honda Accord.

6. I want to buy a house. Not too big and not too small. Comfortable enough for my future husband and kids and I want it to be designed and decorated my way. I like my home to be decorated in a simple way. I don't like it to be crowded with furnitures and other accessories.

7. This is important. I want to perform Haj. I really do. I hope I would have the time to save money.

8. I want to get married to a good man. A man who can guide me and my children. :)

9. I want to be fluent in a foreign language other than English. Teaching in a Chinese school might be an advantage for me. :)

10. I want to treat those people who have helped me, who have been very kind to me, who have been with me trough my hard life. My friends. You know who you are. I have friends. A lot of them. But friends who are really close to me, friends who can be trusted, honestly, is not more than 10. :)

11. I want to travel around the world. That might sound impossible so I have to be selective in choosing a few countries. Japan would be interesting country to visit. I have always want to go there (even before those Japanese drama sickness). Itali and London attract me too. I chose Japan because i love gadgets and technology while London is because I admire British. You know, their accent. Sounds so classy. :) I want to go to these places with my family. Praying that my parents would be great in health, praying that Allah would give a chance for me to go there with my beloved family.

12. To further my study. My dad is dying to see me to further on my studies. Master and Phd. InsyaAllah.

That's all I can think about right now. I really hope I can do all these things with Allah's will. InsyaAllah. Bye.

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saadah saadun said...

kekasehhh..insyallah kau dapat capai impian kau ni. kita sama2 doa yek nyet.