26 June 2012


You know what, i can still remember what he did to me back then. I think i can forgive him although im strongly feel  that half of me is still thinking about his mistakes. I don’t know. I think i have forgiven him but to be with him again is seriously a BIG NO to me. I can still remember vividly of what he had done to me. The pain. The sadness. The grief.  IF i can ever turn back time, i would never wanted to go to that that time again. It was so painful. It took me about 1-2 years to heal. Like seriously. A four years relationship take about 2 years to be totally forgotten. 2 years are not a short period. I went through all this with the support of my friends. I got myself busy with stuffs, with my studies, with work. I met new guys. I found someone that i really like. We dated for a few months and things did not work out between us. I was upset because i was starting to like him. He is nice. He is cute. But, i think he was not nice enough to make the relatiionship last. and after a year, i met someone new. He’s nice. He’s good. I like him. He really cares about me.

- I found this in my document in a folder. I did not remember when I wrote this and how funny I did not even remember who was I referring in this short *luahan perasaan* of mine. The first guy, of course i know who he is because he was the only guy who treated me like shit. The second guy, i was not so sure. The third guy, em is he the current boyfie? Aku tak ingat weyh. Demm. Sebab aku taip sampai he really cares about me, pastu tak sambung dah. Isk. Adakah aku taip semua ni, termasuk skandal-skandal ke, atau hanya yang serius. Ntah. Aku pun tak pasti. Yang pasti aku tengah bahagia sekarang. Harapnya kekal sehingga akhir hayat. InsyaAllah.

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Always Me! said...

Ahaa wanie!
Tersenyum aku baca entry ni!
Sebab mcm sometimes we tend to do this and that...and bila after 2,3,10 years terjumpa balik benda tu macam...aik? Aku ke yg tulis nih? Hahaha...kelakar. :) anyway wanie! Selamat berbahagia....cepatcepat la sket. Nak pi mkn ns minyak kt kulim niiii!