10 June 2012

Stalker, please.

I seriously don't want to look stupid and immature on FB. Being mad, spilling out everything on Fb, publicly, is not a very wise thing to do, i have to admit that. I always try not to update any status when I am mad or angry because you can't think straight and the tendency to spit everything that you don't even notice is quite high. But just now, i was so mad at this uneducated (obviously) stalker, and i spilled out everything on Fb. Omg, i was so mad, only Allah knows. I wanted her to read it as well as my friends in my list so that they know she is a goddam stupid stalker and not to approve any friend request from her. Omg. I am still mad and angry at her. Stop stalking me okey. Tak paham sungguh laa aku dengan dia ni.

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