18 March 2009

first entry

after listening about the excitement of a bestie of mine (adahku) about having our own blog, i decided to create one.
yeah, i know that my blog is rather dull and boring
after all, im still a newbie in dis thing. plz forgive me.
but i've managed to put some new stuff after half an hour of struggling and whining (70% of it are d influence of my chestpain).
before that, im warning all the readers that, my blog might contain a few aspects of merapu'ing, gossiping, blabbering, and mumbling.
so, for those who are allergic with the aspects that i've stated above, plz leave now.
notakaki : do you know that Nur Shazwani Bt Abd Azim likes to talk to herself? yeah. she's weird.


cik siti penguin said...

i like to talk to myself too. >.<
welcome to the blogging community. =]

wonderfulwaniey said...

hehe. so that means dat im not weird after all. hehe.

yeah. excited wif the blog. :)