18 March 2009


yeah, i am pretty sad right now.
i just received a phone call from mama.
she cried. she missed me and very worried about me. dats what she told me.
oh gosh. i feel so guilty. if only, she did not know about my chestpain. this woudnt be happening. mama, i miss u too.
abah too. huhu. i miss both of them terribly. :(
for your info, i have been in this not-so-great health for the past 2 weeks. previously, i got a fever and i coughed like a 78 years old dying grandmother. i went home back in kedah and took my medication. so, instead of enjoying my weekend at home wif abah mama and adik, i ended up lying on the bed and coughing like 24/7.
my closest cousin kak long took me, abah, mama n adik to blanja us makan, but sadly, i've lost my appetite and could only watch adik's non stop eating. he was eating like there's no tommorow while i was crazily coughing like there's no tommorow. i was supposed to enjoy the great view of the sea and the cool air (it's a seafood restraunt in penang) but i ended up ... haish. poor me.
ok. back to this fever that i got. i still cant stand the fever but the coughing, haiyo. very disturbing, painful and noisy lah. it made me hard to stay normal in a ok let say 3mins conversation. i will cough every 10secs. and sumore, my stomach will sakit when i cough. the pain was indescribeable lah.
after taking all the medicine (not all, i've skipped the ubat biji, minum ubat batuk je ) im still coughing. the fever ilang oredi. just the batuk that i cannot tahan. but not the 78 years old dying grandmother's cough anymore. its a 40 years old woman's cough. kira makin lega la altho still batuk2. but 2 days ago, when i started to cough, there was an extreme pain at my left chest. when ever i sneeze, blurping, breathe, laugh, my chest sgt sakit. and last night was the climax. i cudnt tahan oredi. i was crying. but, crying made my chest hurt even more. i didnt want to worry so i din tell them. i just call a special friend of mine and told him (crying). and he informed my brother so that my brother will inform my parents. and you can guess what happened. they keep calling me, very worried about me. i really dont like to make them worry. i just want them to know that, im happy staying here although happy times can turn to sux times, sumtimes.
so, today, accompanied by adahku, we went to Pusat Kesihatan Ukm. the doctor told me that my left chest muscle is hurting mainly because too much of coughing.
i've told mama about this and told her all the types of medicines i've received since she's a nurse and she knows all about medicines. she said that, doc tu bagi ubat yg biasa je. and she's not convinced that the ubat will heal my chest pain. that made her more worried. aiyah.. mama. syg mama.
that's why she called me crying because she was so worried about me and she missed me so much. and i decided to tell that, im getting better, and the chest pain dah kurang,altho it still sakit like hell. i dun want her and abah to be worried. i pujuk her a bit telling that not to worry. end of this month, they will come to fetch adik at nilai and will stop by at bangi to fetch me. and we will spend the weekend together. so, i pujuk mama saying that, lagi 2wix she can meet me. so dun be sad mama. oh. im about to cry. sob3. i think thats all for now. bye
notakaki: do you know that Nur Shazwani Bt Abdul Azim doesnt like to take medicine, vitamins both liquid and tablet? she will secretly throw or hide the vitamins that her father bought for her and tell her father that she manages to finish the vitamins successfully.


saadah saadun said...

aku nk gedik nk bg komen..

-mkn ubat slalu
-jgn sedey2
-mrh2 b..


wonderfulwaniey said...

1st comment of my blog.

okey saadah.
akan ku turuti segala saranan mu itu.
cme yg last tu, agak ssh la. hoho