16 June 2011

if you're happen to read this.

is this what you want?
is this what you want since the first day we met?
ok, no worries, i'll give you want you want.
i never knew that you want this so badly because you never tell.
the problem is, you never tell.
speak out my dear.
i know you're good at talking.
i just love to see how you talk and voicing out your opinion.
so high spirited.
sometimes i feel motivated just listening to your thought.
*wink wink*

but when it comes to this.
you just lost in the wind.
and i couldn't find you.
and i even have to ask for the birds' help to find you.
you have lost in the skies.
your own created skies.
ouh, it has been a long time since the last day i created poems
i love writing poems you know.
expressing your feelings and thought
but not in a direct way.
so that people (those who just can read between the lines) won't notice what i feel.
the sadness or happiness.
because i don't really like letting people know about my feelings.
especially my sadness.
it has something to do with my ego.

so, you.
yes my dear you.
you're actually one of my best.
i've met a lot of people and you are in the best group of people that i've met.
i met a couple of great people.
you should feel lucky because you're one of them.
but it seemed like, you're not feeling lucky because
ok, i think i gotta go.
if you need me, i'll be around.
you know where to find me.

and hey guys,
i just found out some clips that i think pretty awh-some.
it's just clip about the random stuffs that we usually do which are sooo true.
i'll post it later.

-Day 2- Your Favourite Movie?-
i just realized that i hate rules.
imma rule breaker just so you know.
so i don't like to follow rules.
i just write what i want in my blog.
if i decided not to write what i hate to write.
i won't write it.
hurm. it's not hatred actually. it's more to laziness.

ok guyss.

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