01 October 2011

What am I up to, currently.

Hey guys. It's been a while, kan? So, how's it been going? Did you smile a lot today? Or, being sulky the whole day? Did something or someone made you happy today? Good for you then. As for me, umm. there's nothing interesting going on here. Just a plain day, everyday. Waiting for a miracle to happen and completely change my day if you ever understand what i'm saying. 

Currently, i am addicted to Linkin Park songs. Precisely, i have been listening to their song since i was in primary school and i was a hardcore fan back then. Hehe. When i was 14, i secretly surfed the internet (since abah prohibit me from accessing the internet because he was afraid that i might misuse it? haha) and printed the lyrics of their songs. Crawling. Yeah, that was my most favourite song at that time. Siap praktis style rapping macam M.Shinoda kottt. The same goes with the rest of the song in their album (Hybrid Theory), printed it and memorized it (and sing passionately with full face expression, especially when it comes to Chester's part.haha). Yeah, that was actually one of my way to improve my English too.

But then, LP started to change. No more heavy songs like Crawling, A Place for my Head, Lying from you and etc. Meteora and Reanimation were born and my interest was starting to fade away. Furthermore with their new albums coming out, Minutes to Midnight and Thousand of Suns. Chester started to sing more softer and i did not like that.

But somehow, i still have this thing to Mike, you know. He's damn cute. I subscribed onto his FB account and started to read his blog, sees his artwork, his featured videos and i realized that this fellow is damn genius. Like seriously, he created most of the lyrics for LP which i like it so much because the words are so deep and close to me. He's good at playing instruments, piano, guitar, turntable. He is articulate too. He writes good stuff in his blog, he's good at painting and he got a degree in illustration and graphic design if i am not mistaken, he knows how to entertain his fan andddd he's cute especially with his beard. hehe. I think i like this version of him compared to the version of him 10 years ago. The new him is more matured. I like him. Ok, stop talking about him. See, i told ya, i have this weird thing going on with Mike Kenji Shinoda. hehe. Owh. He's half Japanese.

So, with the subcription to Mike FB, i started to listen to their songs. Their slower version songs, and i started to like it. The words. I just love the songwords. It is very meaningful to me. And i think that LP is a creative band where they change their style of music along with the changes of time. They are experimenting their songs with various kinds of genre and i like that. I wish i could see them perform live. Right now, i am listening to 'Iridescent' and 'The Catalyst'. 

I think, i have watched all the videos that are related to LP in the Youtube. It's like so addictive you know, seeing them performing live and when they're not performing just having a chit chat with their other group members. They are hilarious too. Mike is genius and very genuine, Chester is sooo hyper, likes to jump and scream and crack jokes. hehe, Dave (phoenix) is funny too in his way, haha, Brad the bassist is more serious, Rob the drummer is very very shy and that's what made him look cuter, while Mr. Joseph Hahn is a serious man too. Hehe. Love them.

Okey, this entry bored you to death right? I knew it. Sorry guys for wasting your precious time. Byeeee.

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