20 January 2010

ok. yes. im an emo girl, so what? :p

while i am typing this, the thought of her saying sarcastic things to me is still running in my mind.
ok, this time, i will tell you the whole story.
i will not leave you puzzling about what's going on.
oh, by the way,
this time it's not about the person who i've told you about in the previous entry.
this is about another person.
we used to be good friends.
but since everytime we started a conversation, and the conversation would end up with me feeling pretty smashed up by her words,
i started to avoid myself from her.
oh Gosh, you must be thinking that i am an extremely sensitive girl.
first, the boy, and now a girl?
i just couldnt help myself.
if you were at my place, you would feel the same thing too.
ok, this girl,
i just dont understand her.
at first, the conversation started well, and then she will start throwing cynical words at me.
ok, maybe she was just joking or trying to be friendly (in her own weird way).
so, i just keep it to myself and let it go with the wind.
but then, we would meet up again (virtually) since she is one of my facebook friends.
and we seldom meet (in reality) due to our distance
(as if i will meet her even if we're staying close together)
(but we used to hang out together thou)
so, since we usually bump into each other in fb,
she would leave a comment on my status,
and so do i.
ok, here where it gets nasty (am i using the correct word, haha)
she would say things that i dont like which i considered it as rude.
and, what did i do?
i would say the same thing to her.
but i would usually leave the conversation.
no interest to continue it.
because we would just end up trying to bash each other with our cynical words.
so, that's it.
byebye friend (referring to her).
p/s: well, this is the second time im typing about her in here. she has hurt my feeling so many times before.
p/s: there will be no more emotional entry next time. haha. biasalah, PMS, jadi otak pun tak betul.


Syida Wakaka! said...

mintak maaf weh kalo akulah orgnye.. T^T mianne...

wanieybintang said...

syida, ko ni mmg nak kna dgn aku. aku suh blanja waffle free kang baru tau. bukan ko laaa. :)

Syida Wakaka! said...

fuh, lega! stakat blanje waffle no hal..huhu..ko tuh, ble nk dtg ukm??? :P