19 January 2010

total embarassment.

i would like to share something with you here.
something that i guess, the most embarassing moment in my life.
i was humiliated by someone who is much younger than me (the fact that why i felt so embarassed)
this embarassment is not the type of embarassment where you are walking or should i say cat walking at a mall, and every single guy is watching and winking at you, and then, you dont know what went wrong with your feet, you suddenly trip down on the floor.
ok, i have to admit, that was an extreme embarassment too.
but this time (in my case) is more to self-humiliation.
malu pada diri sendiri.
yeah. thats the right word.
you can imagine how my face went red, and how i was lost for words at such an unexpected moment.
yeah, i never expected he would say that to me.
and i also never expected that i was that stupid to say that to him.
don't worry,
i will tell you the whole story.
but not now.
im tired.
because today is Tuesday.
Tuesday is the most tiring day for me.
but Wednesday is the most relaxing day for me.
sebab aku cuti.
so, maybe tomorrow you will know these whole 'embarassment' thingy.
or maybe not.
because i might be so damn lazy to think back or flash back about that particular moment.
okay, till then.


syue said...

malu dgn laki? :D

wanieybintang said...

yeah. but it's not like what you think. :p