20 March 2010

sorry for being flirtatious .

he called me twice today.
but i ignored both calls.
merajuk kot.
haha, dream on la waniey.
you and him are not even attached yet.
and you are being gediks already.
tak salah kan? kan? kan?
by the way, why did he even bother to call me huh?
is he missing me as much that i do?
i don't know la.
p/s : he did apologized for being too occupied with his work and it is a miracle if i can hold on to this.
to dear readers : again, i am very sorry with my current mood. mood gatai sudah mariiii. :P


waNiFarees said...

Hihiihii... cik wani dilamun cinta..


Ps: sapa dia ni wei??? yang gambaq ritu ka??

wanieybintang said...

bukan wei.
bukan dia.