14 May 2012


I had this. Steak and cheese.

This was my first time having my meals at Subway. A very sincere confession of mine. Haha. Em. Okay, the taste was not bad but it is a bit pricey, i guess. I don't know about you.

and he gave me this. I love you too. :)

Look at my new bed cover. It was on sale so i have no choice but to buy it. Hehe. Colourful and the colours have brighten up my dull room. Yeay ! Thinking of buying a bright yellow or red blanket to match it. But i don't really need it right now. I can use my old blanket. Try to live with what you already have, Waniey. 

p/s : watched Dark Shadows by Tim Burton. I expected more from a movie directed by him with Johnny Depp as the lead actor.


saadah saadun said...

bg aku pong mende ni mahal. aku xtau kenapa nak mahal sgt. mmg la rasa bulih tahan tp tah. bg aku harga agak x relevan.

wanieybintang said...

a'ah kan? aku makan tu smpai rm10 lebih. rasa dia okey la wpun mcm kering je. sos tak byk sgt pun. sekadar nk try tu boleh la. pastu terlalu kan manhattan fish market. teros ingat ko. nnt aku nk p try bla gaji. 1st time try ni. msti jakun sikit

saadah saadun said...

haha. tp manhattan dia punya udang adalah terbaik. sedap gila. lemak je. ishk. teringat pulak. tp kat kelate x dok. sobs