25 August 2009

2nd interview #1

in the previous entry, i've stated that i've been called by the company's engineer asking me to attend the 2nd interview on monday that was yesterday.
however, it was raining heavily so i couldnt make it to the interview.
actually, i was glad when the rain started to pour down because i have an excuse for not going to the interview.
well, excuse for abah kot because he kept asking me about the job.
i suddenly feel so malas to work.
i thought that the rain-excuse idea was pretty smart.
but i guess abah was smarter kot.
he called and ask me about it, and i, just like what i've planned, told him about the heavy rain, and how im going to go there, all my certificates will be wet, as well as me and kaklong since kaklong promised want to send me there by motorcycle.
abah insisted me to call the office and ask for a postpone.
so, i sadly called the office, and the interview has been postponed till tomorrow that is today.
fearing that the same problem will occur again,
abah sent mama with nissan, and left the cute kancil for me to drive.

so no more rain-excuse lah.
the interview was at 10am.
so i have to be there before 10 la.
now i have two things to be nervous about.
1. the interview
2. driving.
so as usual, when i am nervous about something,
i will beraktanpahenti.
well, because i was nervous about two things,
my beraktanpahenti thing has doubled up.
after i have settled up my beraktanpahenti, i was ready to go.
to be continued . . .

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