14 December 2009


seriously, i dont have nothing to do with you anymore la.
i don't care whether you've flunked your exams, or you get good results.
it is not my bussiness anymore,ok.
and stop pretending like nothing happened.
tolong ingat yang aku tak akan berkawan dengan orang yang dah buat aku sakit hati dan terseksa.
never in my whole life.
so just go on with your life, and i'll go on with mine.
now, there's already a huge boundary between us.
note that.



intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.nk i tolong blasahkan tak kakak?
.biase die tuhh! ;p

saadah saadun said...

r u referring this to 'F'?
i mean that fucking guy?
sorry for being rude..
but i just couldn't accept what he'd done to u dear friend..