10 December 2009

this boy and me.
me : why are you playing? do your work.
boy : no, i dont want to.
me : why?
boy : no reason.
me : do your work or else i will tell your mother when she comes to pick you up.
boy : my driver will come to pick me up, not my mother. please go, i dont want you to stand near me.
me : no, i wont go. if i go, u wont do your work.
boy : saya nak kamu pergi.
me : no. i'll stay here and watch you.
boy : what everrrrrrr.
me : i want you to read this.
boy : bla bla bla
me : where got bla bla bla here? can't you read? i thought you are a clever boy. and please stop playing with the eraser.
boy : im just a kid. this is what i do.
me : ok, thats it. i'll call your mom and tell her about your behaviour.
boy : why dont you tell to your grandmother instead?
the conversation did not stop there. it went on and on.
and the boy is a chinese boy.
he is 6 years old and he is speaking in American accent (seriously)
and he is also a very cute boy.


saadah saadun said...

mmg kuang ajar la makhluk tuh..
ngapa la mulut dia tuh ringan nak menjawab

kOkO cokeLaT said...

uishhh cam kuang ajaq je..
baru 6 tahun da pandai melawan teacher daaaa...

intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.hahaha kuang asam nye budak
.cobet je die ;p

wanieybintang said...

ha'ah budak ni mmg mcm agak sombong ar. anak orang kaya wehh, biasa la. tp yg len walaupun kaya, ok jer pun