16 April 2009

tagged by mae n adah

you have never ending list of wishes, dreams and aspirations and you are doing everything you can to make sure they all come true. You know if you work hard enough all of your goals are within reach and your burning desire to suceed inspires other people to pursue their own dreams. your positive towards success even includes the competition. you would never stomp on someone else just to get ahead. you would rather take the person by the hand and say "Let's get through this together"


saadah saadun said...

buat 2 tag ok..

Lady Mae said...

ahaha..eeeee...waniey buat satu je kan adah darl?
x acih nie..ehehee..
waniey kena buat tag yg lg satu syg..
xbuat me n adah majok, kn adah kn? *wink*
kidding LOL..
waniey cute..wat tau!

wonderfulwaniey said...

wahaa.. tag yang mana lak. xcukup lagikah?
wwuwuwuw. aku xpaham