23 July 2011

J Card day

These pics were taken yesterday at JJ Perda, when they did shopping like there's no tomorrow. Yeap them. Mom, Dad, Adik and not including me. I don't really know what had gotten into me. I was not being myself (not buying anything when i have the money) hehe. Oh, i remember. Something happened and  that just blew my shopping mood away. Let me just keep it to myself on what had happened. :) 

So, there is a picture of dad and bro and three pictures of myself (was i being that selfish? :p) and no picture of mom (sorry maa!) because she was busy shopping.

But i bought a pair of cheap cute wedges just now. It is so comfy and light. I love it. Planning of buying skirts (skirt labuh la wehh) tomorrow. Until then, Daaa

1 comment:

miss E said...

nak ikot p shopping weh!! jgn tinggai aku!!!heheh.. tunjuk la gambaq wedges. nk tengok :)