14 July 2011

My daily routine y'all !

Okey first, allow me to refresh your memories on my current status. I am currently jobless and I am happy with that since I can update this blog regularly and wake up late everyday except on Friday (it's a holiday here so, mom and dad will be at home). I have just finished my one year KPLI course in Ipoh which was a year full of memorable moments. Now, i am at home waiting to be posted at God-knows-where. I heard rumours which are spreading like crazy about our posting date. Some said, we would only be posted after raya, some said the date would come out yesterday (but nothing happened, apparently). I am sick with all these wild rumours so i decided to go on with my happy exciting life. Duhh~

My daily routine has changed quite drastically after the death of my beloved lappy. I woke up at 9/10 am, sometimes 11 (forgive me for being such a lazy bum). After waking up, i would go straight to the kitchen, not to eat but to see the damages in the sink, on the dining table, the trash, the washing machine (because it would be me who is responsible in clearing all those damages). 

After checking all those damages, i would go to the living room, lay down on the sofa, switch on the TV. I would do some channel surfing, and if none of the tv programs suit my eyes, I would go to the kitchen to clear all those damages. I don't know why, but i used to do house chores starting from the kitchen, the verandah, and living room would be the last one. Since my house has many partitions, there are hell of a cleaning to do. Before doing all these, I would check on Abu my cat first. I would go search for him, and if he is anywhere around, i would play or at least pat him gently on his head, then i would continue my housechores.

After finishing the house chores which is roughly at 12 or 1 pm, then i would start cooking. Would cook some simple dish,and eat while watching tv. Finish eating, go to the room (which we call 'computer room') where the pc is located, switch on the computer and leave the room for a while. While waiting for the pc to be ready, i would go outside, do some cleaning at the car porch (which is quite big, which would lead me to exhaustion), the second verandah, arranging shoes which are LOADS of them which no one doesn't seem to care to put their shoes back on the shelf. Then do some watering at mom's plants. 

By the time, i finish doing all that around 2.30pm, mom would reach home. I would be sweating like hell from all those cleaning. Oh, i forgot, i have not taken my shower yet (but i have washed my teeth okey). So, go and take shower at 2.30pm. Hahaha. And then, i would be all tired and then, i just remembered i have switch on the computer. Surf the net for about 30minutes, feeling sleepy and switch off the pc and go to my room. Switch on the aircond, feel fresh and relaxed. Jump on the bed, read a few pages of my novel and doze off.

Woke up at 5 something and heard some noise at the kitchen, mom must be cooking and I would feel guilty if i let her cook without my help. So help her cook, finish at 6 something. Dad and adik would reach home.We eat together. Search for today's newspaper and read it (quite late isn't it?) Chat with mom, adik and abah. 

7pm, go into my room while waiting for Magrib, read a few more pages of the novel. Go and take shower, perform prayer and continue back on my novel. Go to the computer room to surf the net but found out that Mom is using the pc, so go wandering around the kitchen to see what can i eat (that is why i'm gaining weight), knock on Adik's room to see what is he doing, go to the living room to watch buletin utama with Dad and go to my room again. Sometimes i would kidnap Abu and i would play and torture him in my room. muehehehe.

Around 10pm, Mom finishes surfing, it's my turn. Yess! Surf (updating FB and blog) until 12pm, feeling the aches on shoulder (that is why i hate using pc). Go to the living room, join Adik who would be watching HBO. After watching tv, feels sleepy. Settle what i have to settle before sleeping and zZzZz.  There goes the same routine on the next day.

My daily routine would be different if i go hanging out with friends/cuzzie/bro and on weekends too where, i would go out with the family to do some shopping or jog at the tasik nearby..

Anddd, my days also would be a whole lot different if my lappy is still functioning and my broadband is still working. hehe. Currently i am borrowing Dad's lappy using Adik's broadband. muehehe. If my lappy and broadband is still working, my day would be so unproductive at all. Lying on my bed all day and surfing the net. Sheeeshh! Scold myself for that. Ok that's all. Daaa

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